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Motorola Milestone tutorial: transfer pictures via Bluetooth

How to transfer pictures via Bluetooth on Motorola MilestoneI have give the tutorial about how to set Bluetooth on Motorola Milestone, when you turn on Bluetooth, you can transfer pictures from your cellphone to your friend’s cellphone. We often use our mobile phone to take photos, so there are many interesting photos in our handset. Some days ago, I took some photos for my friends, these photos stored in my smartphone, they want these photos, so I need to transfer photos from my Motorola Milestone to their device. I find the tutorial on the official website, it gives us convenience, so here I share this tutorial to all users.-Motorola Milestone info

Motorola phones questions-How to transfer pictures via Bluetooth on Motorola Milestone:

-Press the Camera key, touch Camera
-Press the Menu key.
-Touch Gallery
-Select the picture you want to send
-Touch Share
-Touch Bluetooth , your phone scans for available Bluetooth devices
-Touch the device to select it
-Follow the onscreen prompts on both products to complete transfer.

It is very simple and convenient to transfer photos on Motorola Milestone. Hope you like it.