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Motorola H17 headset user manual download

Motorola H17 headset user manual downloadThe Motorola H17 is a bluetooth headset for your Motorola phone. It can pair with two cellphones at one time. If you want to know all works on your Motorola H17, you must have the user manual. It is very necessary for you to have it. It shows many tips and tricks, such as connecting to other deive.

If you just bought Motorola H17, you must make it fully charged. When you charging it, the indicator light is red or yellow. When it is fully charged, the indicator light turns green. When you use it at the first time, you may don’t know the matters needing attention. For example, you can’t remove the battery from your headset, or your headset will be damaged. So you need the user manual to tell you all notes. Download the user manual for your device now.

Motorola H17 user manual download:


Save one on your computer, then you can use it at any time.


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