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Motorola H17 headset tricks: pair with phones

How to pair Motorola H17 headset with two phonesI have given the user manual download for your Motorola H17 headset. From the user manual, you can know all works on your device. I also mentioned that Motorola H17 can be paired with two cellphones. I am sure you need this function, it is a little complex. If you don’t know how to pair with phones on your device, here I can teach you step by step. This trick is very useful.-Motorola H17

How to pair Motorola H17 headset with two phones:

1.Pair and Connect First Phone
-Turn off any Bluetooth devices previously paired with your headset.
-Turn on the Bluetooth feature of your phone.
-Place the headset on your ear.
-Turn on your headset by opening the boom. This is the on position.
-You will hear ready to pair.
-The Motorola H17 will tell you what to do in order to connect to your phone. Follow these voice prompts.
-When your headset pairs with your phone, you will hear pairing complete.
-Once the connection is completed you will hear phone 1 connected.
2. Pair and Connect Second Phone
Turn off the first phone you paired with the Motorola H17. then repeat the step1 again. If the connection is completed, you will hear phone 1 connected. Then power on the first phone you connected to the Motorola H17, You will hear phone 2 connected.

Follow the setps above on Motorola H17 headset, you can pair your device with two phones.