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Motorola Electrify tutorial: uninstall apps

How to uninstall apps on Motorola ElectrifyYou can download and install apps from android market or web on Motorola Electrify. If there are some apps you don’t need any more, you need to uninstall apps to save space on your cellphone. I noticed that some Motorola Electrify users needed help to remove apps, don’t worry, you can find this tutorial here. -Motorola Electrify info

-From your home screen, touch Market
-Touch Menu
-Touch My apps.
-Touch the application that you want to remove.
-Touch Uninstall, then confirm by touching OK.

To make your Motorola Electrify run quickly all the time, you need to uninstall apps regularly on your cellphone. But you can not uninstall pre-load apps on your device.