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How to transfer photos from Motorola DEFY to computer

How to transfer photos from Motorola DEFY to computerI think no one would take along with camera, except they have a plan to take photos. But all of us take along with our Motorola DEFY. If we find some beautiful views, we can take picture using our cellphone at any time. It is really a good thing.-Motorola DEFY info

When many photos are stored in our Motorola DEFY, the size of picture is rather large, the space will be limited. We even have no space to download new apps and other files. We should transfer photos from Motorola DEFY to computer.

Motorola phones questions-transfer picture between Motorola DEFY and computer:

-Connect the Device to the Computer via USB Cable.
-A Notification will appear in top bar. Slide down the curtain and tap the notification labeled USB connected. -Tap the USB Drive option.
-Verify that the ‘Removable Disk’ window appears on your computer screen.
-Click Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer.
-Click OK.
-Click the DCIM folder.
-Click the Camera folder.
-Copy and paste or drag and drop files from your phone to the corresponding folder on your computer.

Whenever we take photos using Motorola DEFY, you’d better transfer photos to computer, we can save and share these photos with our friends. If you need to transfer pictures to Motorola DEFY, the ways are similar.


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