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How to take screen shot on Motorola RAZR HD LTE

How to take screen shot on Motorola RAZR HD LTEAs we know, all customers like to personalize home screen of their cellphones, sometimes a picture speaks louder than words, so many Motorola RAZR HD LTE users like to share screen shot pictures to other users, but I found that many customers didn’t know how to take screen shot on their devices, today I will show the way to take screen shot.

To capture your Motorola RAZR HD LTE’s screen image, press and hold both the Power key and down volume key for three seconds, or until you hear the camera shutter click. To see the screen image, touch Apps > My Files or Files > Internal phone storage >Pictures > Screenshots. Touch and hold the image for files and sharing options.

Now you can share the screen shot pictures of your Motorola RAZR HD LTE with your friends, I am sure you will like it.