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How to reset Motorola Milestone XT720

How to reset Motorola Milestone XT720You can find the tricks about how to transfer files from a computer to Motorola Milestone XT720, I am sure it is very useful. If you need the USB driver, you also download it here. The only thing you need to notice is if you copy many files such as ringtones, wallpapers to your cellphone, they will use up the space of your mobile phone, then your smartphone will run showly. What’s worse, they may cause something wrong to run apps when you use your cellphone. Actually, we need to clear the useless files in our phone regularly to make sure Motorola Milestone XT720 run the fastest. The quickest way to solve the problem on your mobile phone is to reset your device. Here I will introduce two ways to reset your phone, hard reset and manually reset. -Motorola Milestone XT720 info

Motorola phones questions-How to hard reset Motorola Milestone XT720:

-Open the Applications Tray.
-Touch Settings
-Touch Privacy
-Touch Factory data reset
-Touch Reset Phone
-Touch Erase Everything

Manually reset reset on Motorola Milestone XT720:

-Turn off phone
-Press Power key + Camera Key to power on the phone and bring up the recovery screen
-Press Volume Up + Camera Key to show the recovery menu.
-Select Wipe data/factory reset
-Select Reboot Phone

Resetting Motorola Milestone XT720 will detele all files in your cellphone, but your contacts and email information is automatically backed up to the gmail server. Now you can find your phone runs faster than before.