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How to reset Motorola H17 headset

How to reset Motorola H17 headsetYou can find the user manual and the tricks about pairing with phones on Motorola H17 headset. If you have bought this device, they are very useful for you to use it. After you use your device some time, there may be something wrong with it, at that time, you need to reset it. You may never do this work on your Motorola H17, here I will tell you how to do it. With your headset on, press and hold both Volume buttons and Call button for 10 seconds until the indicator light is steady blue. When you finish doing the steps above, you have reset your deive, all setting are reset to original settings. -Motorola H17

Please notice that resetting Motorola H17 will delete all pairing information stored in the headset. This trick is very useful, when you just buy a new cellphone, you need to connect it to H17 instead of your old cellphone, you can reset H17 and pair with the phone you use now.