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How to reset Motorola Electrify

How to reset Motorola ElectrifyHere is a tutorial about how to reset your Motorola Electrify, I am sure you are finding the way to perform a hard reset by buttons. It is highly recommended you reset your cellphone by using the settings. Making a mistake using the factory reset using external key method could have very bad consequences. But if you can not navigate through the menu to perform a factory data reset, you can do the following steps.

1. Power off the phone, press and hold volume down button, press power button
2. Screen will come up with “Fastboot”, press Vol down key to cycle through choices until you get “Android Recovery”, then press Vol up key
3. Wait for the “triangle ! / Android” screen then go on to step 4
4. Press both Vol up and Vol down key simultaneously. A menu will come up
5. Tap on Vol down key until “wipe data/factory reset” is highlighted, and tap Power key. Another Confirmation screen will come. Tap on Vol down key until coming to Yes and tap Power key
6. After userdata is cleared, the “reboot system now” option will be highlighted by Default. Tap Power key
7. Phone will reboot to initial setup screen.

When you perform a hard reset on Motorola Electrify, everthing will be deleted. So you’d better back up important information stored on your device.