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How to hard reset Motorola RAZR

How to hard reset Motorola RAZRThe Motorola RAZR was sold all over the world. It has a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, it makes you act as fast as you can think. It comes with 8MP camera and 1080p HD video recording. I like this feature very much, I can take photos and record videos using Motorola RAZR, what’s more, I can watch TV on this wonderful device.

If your Motorola RAZR has a persist problem, you must perform a hard reset on your new mobile phone. You can hard reset your handset by settings or buttons. It is easy to  find the factory reset option from settings. But if your handset freezes, you must reset Motorola RAZR by buttons.

1. Power off the phone, press and hold volume down button, press power button
2. Screen will come up with “Fastboot”, press Vol down key to cycle through choices until you get “Android Recovery”, then press Vol up key
3. Wait for the “triangle ! / Android” screen then go on to step 4
4. Press both Vol up and Vol down key simultaneously. A menu will come up
5. Tap on Vol down key until “wipe data/factory reset” is highlighted, and tap Power key. Another Confirmation screen will come. Tap on Vol down key until coming to Yes and tap Power key
6. After userdata is cleared, the “reboot system now” option will be highlighted by Default. Tap Power key
7. Phone will reboot to initial setup screen.

If you encounter some problem you can not solve on Motorola RAZR, you can reset your device. Before you start to reset your handset, back up important data to memory card or a computer.